Piano Movers Colorado Springs

One of the heirloom pieces of furniture that is often bequeathed in an estate is a large piano. Usually
whomever receives the cherished treasure has one of two responses, first, being thrilled to be given
such a nice gift, and second, panic at how to get it moved. We understand both those reactions at
Best Piano Moving Company in Colorado Springs. Our job is to erase the worry and pamper your new
family member with care.
Moving a piano is not for amateurs or even moving companies that do not do it on a very regular
basis. All pianos and organs, whether an upright, grand, concert, or theatre, have their own subtle
differences that need to be addressed to have a successful move. Nearly all these fine instruments
are made of hard and soft woods with cast iron, brass, tubes or electronics that are bulky, heavy,
brittle, and are easily damaged.
The problem is magnified on a vintage instrument, especially in Colorado, due to our humidity levels.
Pianos especially are top heavy with fairly fragile cases around the very heavy soundboards, strings,
and other inside parts. It is easy to seriously damage a piano, or destroy it, if it is not moved gently
and correctly. All moving vehicles should have air ride suspension to minimize bounce during the
move. The instruments should be dismantled as much as possible in terms of pedals, pedal boards,
harps, and music racks, to avoid damage to these delicate parts. And all instruments should be
thoroughly padded and wrapped to prevent damage to the instrument, as well as the walls and
corners in the area it is being moved from, and to.
When you are faced with a piano or organ move, call the piano movers Colorado Springs trusts with
their instruments. Many large concert grand pianos and theatre or church organs cost upwards of six
digits. The smart thing to do is hire a piano moving company that has experience and the right
equipment to properly do the job.
A good piano mover such as Piano Mover Colorado Springs has many years of experience as well as
hands-on knowledge of a variety of brands, each with their own idiosyncrasies. A reputable company
will always do a free quote and a pre-move survey to document the condition of the instrument and
issues that need to be handled, such as stairwells, narrow doorways, corners and turns. Often
measurements will be needed during this visit, and sometimes the mover even has to make a trip to
the new location to be prepared for any challenge that might arise after the instrument arrives.
Sometimes owners of instruments do not realize how much space is needed to turn corners or clear
doorframes, and creative solutions may have to be investigated, or a new location for the instrument

If you have a piano or organ move coming up, ask for a free quote at
https://pianomovercoloradosprings.com/. Even a spinet piano or organ is solid, bulky, and heavy,
and requires gentle handling to successfully move it. Trust your fine instrument or heirloom to a
piano and organ mover that understands and is experienced to provide you and your instrument a
great experience and safe transfer.