Floor Refinishing Services

Floor refinishing is a great way to improve the resale value of your home, and there are many different benefits to having your floors refinished. While you can do it yourself, consider a professional company if you’re unsure of the steps you need to take. These companies are licensed, insured, and specialize in refinishing services, such as safe air sanding and color changes. Some even offer specialty services, such as color changes and repairs to damaged areas.

Wood Floor

Hardwood floors are beautiful but wear and tear eventually destroys the protective floor finish. To restore these floors to their former glory, you must send off the entire finish and recoat them with polyurethane. This process can be expensive, so it’s best to seek a professional for the job. For a free estimate, call a professional today at! We offer free estimates and are happy to visit your home to assess your flooring needs.

Before hiring a floor-refinishing service, be sure to get a written contract. Your contract should include all the details you and the contractor agreed upon, including the finish type, the number of coats, the stain, if any, how moldings should be treated, and a guarantee for the work. It would be best to inspect the completed work to ensure it meets your expectations. Look for imperfections and report any problems right away.

Waterborne stains are the most common type of refinishing. These are great for homes where you don’t want to spend the day leaving your home unoccupied. The waterborne version also has low VOCs and doesn’t require you to vacate the house while the process is underway. Using water-based products is an environmentally friendly option, but the maintenance of the new finish is necessary. In addition, many water-based products require less maintenance than their solvent-based counterparts.

Some company specializes in refinishing wood floors. They also perform new installations. Whether you have a hardwood floor, laminate flooring, or another type, these experts will work to give you the most beautiful results possible. They also offer water-based staining and use eco-friendly polyurethane. Their work is guaranteed for five years and is completed with minimal dust. Some company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

A refinishing process involves several passes of a chemical on the floor to restore its original appearance. The entire process requires skill, precision, and patience. A company specializing in this service will walk you through the steps and procedures. Some professional removes baseboards and shoe base molding from your floors. These steps make sure that the refinished floor is completely free of linoleum.

Hardwood floors can look dull after years of use. Instead of replacing your hardwood floors, consider refinishing them. Floor refinishing is a great way to extend their life and add value to your home. Refinishing a hardwood floor will cost half as much as replacing them and is far more affordable. A floor refinishing service can add a new coat of beautiful hardwood to your floors. And unlike replacing hardwood floors, it takes only half the time and effort.

Nothing compares to the smooth, richly colored surface of hardwood floors in terms of beauty. Hardwood floors that are worn out, scratched, and unattractive are typical. However, hardwood floors experience substantial wear and tear over time. Some companies can handle floor refinishing and restoration in your house, bringing your floors back to life even if they appear broken and irreparable.

What a simple sanding and waxing can accomplish for hardwood floors is astonishing. It is possible to polish and buff out flaws to make them appear brand new. It’s not always necessary to reinstall a floor after it has been damaged. No matter what kind of hardwood flooring you have, we can evaluate its condition and assist you in deciding whether floor restoration is an option. Give a professional a call if you’re unsure about the viability of your floor.